Neale Eckstein

I work in the acoustic music community as a producer, engineer, photographer, videographer and songwriter. On these pages, you'll find photos, video and music produced at Fox Run Studio near Boston.  Explore these pages and if you feel I might be right for your next project, I'd love to talk with you.

Studio Clients

include: BlueStar Media, Beryllium Pictures, Jeremiah, Birnbaum, Brother Sun, Buskin & Batteau, Cary Cooper, Dave Crossland, Ezzie Films, Vance Gilbert, Greg Greenway, Groovelily, Matt Nakoa, Eric Schwartz, Bethel Steele, Vanessa Trien, Annie Wenz, Pat Wictor


I have been involved in making music since my early teens, playing in cover bands and putting together sound systems.  This continued through undergraduate school.  I put down the guitar and got a DDS degree from the University of North Carolina and have a successful practice in pediatric dentistry.

In the 1997, we began to host the Fox Run Concert series.  I recorded the shows, first using ADATs and switching to Digital Performer.  Computers lacked the power they do today and I quickly moved to Pro Tools TDM to get more power and stability and never looked back.  Today my studio is based around a Pro Tools 11 HDX system and more outboard gear than you might typically find in a project studio.  I've had the pleasure of doing projects with some amazingly talented people.  Check the "Gear and Projects" page for more details.

When I was in college, I studied and worked for the school as a staff photographer which gave me access to a lot of equipment and resources.  For a time, I considered pursuing photography as a career.  I've been documenting the folk music scene in both photos and videos.  My work has appeared in print publications, web sites and album art.  Check out my Youtube channel on the links page.  My son Benjamin has a his own video production company which has given me a steady source of education and equipment access.

The last few years, I also began writing songs again, something I hadn't done since college days.  I've had the advantage of being able to co-write with gifted songwriters.  The result of that effort is "Click".  Check out the music page on this site to hear clips of that and other projects I've produced and engineered.

Thanks for stopping by.