No Depression review by contributor John Apice --

"Photographer-Singer-Songwriter Neale Eckstein has some very special friends, and 34 of them came together to help perform on a compilation of songs they co-wrote with Neale and recorded as “Click.” 

Upon digging deeper into this collection I find the songs of Neale – as performed and sung by many artists who contributed equally to this project --  quite an expressive and interesting mix. I don't always appreciate compilations because I am not always convinced the songs included are the best representation of the artist. However, many artists featured here have been musicians either recorded by or produced by Neale Eckstein himself – so their friendship, camaraderie, loyalty and respect for one another is obvious on this Massachusetts artists’ ambitious collection."

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Amazon review by Steve Ramm - 

"Eckstein “called in” many of the artists he has photographed or recorded to co-write or perform with him (sometimes both!). There are plenty of names you’ll recognize – especially if you are into “folk” music. Tom Rush, Vance Gilbert, Buskin & Batteau, and Pat Wictor are just a few of the “friends” who replied to Eckstein’s request. Three of the 11 songs on this disc are solo-writes by Eckstein and one – the title track – is, honestly, my favorite. On “Click” Eckstein turns the camera (yes, pun intended!) on himself and the melody is as catchy as the lyrics. Another favorite is “The Blessing” by Eckstein and Tom Prasada-Rao. But all are well-written, well-performed and well-produced."

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